Our site is dedicated to helping consumers learn about their credit scores.   At the end of the day, your credit score impacts your life much more than most of us like to admit.

I personally learned this the hard way in 2000 after a car accident left me fresh out of college with nearly 22k in medical debt.

Eventually, the collector agencies started calling.  I stumbled my way through a maddening array of “debt consolidation” scams until one suckered me in, Liberty Debt from Dallas, Texas.  I paid them all of my personal savings, $10,400 in order to “settle” my debts.

You can probably guess how that story ended.  They did not pay any of my debts off.

My credit was destroyed, my savings exhausted and I ended up filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Unfortunately, my story is familiar to many Americans.   My interest rates on car loans, student loan refinancing and eventually a mortgage were brutal.

That experience with medical debt, a scam debt consolidation company and finding no reliable resources to help me navigate the industry led me to start this site. I want to help others avoid those pitfalls, to save the hundreds of restless nights worrying about how to pay for rent, for food, for school, etc…

The good news is that you can educate yourself and save money.