Ace Elite Card

The ACE Elite Visa Prepaid card allows you to set up direct deposits, alerts, free cash withdrawals at any ACE ATM. The card includes free transfers to other cardholders, allows you to earn rewards and receive special offers as you spend.  

The Ace Elite card is very popular with consumers and borrowers because it has credit score requirements to apply.

For consumers with a poor credit history, the Ace Elite card is their best option for credit card transactions.

Users who spend $500 or more the first-month qualify for the Fee Advantage Plan. This includes their No Fee $10 Purchase Cushion, where an extra $10 is deposited into the account automatically.

The key advantages of the Ace Elite card are:

  1. No hidden fees
  2. Cash back rewards
  3. Users can also create custom cards for an added fee of $4.95
  4. No long deposit holds
  5. No confusing fee plans
  6. No minimum balance requirements

Payment Options

The Ace card comes with a multiple payment options for consumers.

The Pay As You Go Plan comes at no annual fee and a single purchase transaction fee of $1.00. PIN purchase transaction fees come at $2.00 each for this plan.

The ACE Elite Fee Advantage Plan comes at $9.95 per month and no single purchase transaction fees.

The ACE Elite with Direct Deposit Fee Advantage Plan comes at $5.00 per month and no single purchase transaction fees.

Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawals come at $2.50 (plus ATM owners fee, if applicable.) International withdrawals come at $4.95 per withdrawal plus the Foreign Transaction Fee, and ATM owner fees.

There is a $2.50 fee per Over the Counter Cash Withdrawal at a financial institution. Withdrawals at NetSpend Reload Networks vary from location to location.

Foreign Transaction Fees are 3.5% of the U.S. Dollar amount of the purchase transaction.

No overdraft fee applies if the card is reloaded within the first 24 hours from the first overdraft that caused the account to be negative. There is also no overdraft fee if the account is overdrawn by $10 or less. When overdraft fees do apply there is a $15 fee. Only 3 overdraft fees will be charged per month.

Cardholders can open an optional tiered-savings account, that currently pays 5.00% APY on a balance of up to $5,000.

Technology Features

Ace Elite Debit Card comes with free services like SMS alerts, free online checking of card balance and free deposits to the card. These come in handy when consumers are travelling as it is the perfect currency when you are on the road and don’t want to carry money on you but still be able to access your funds from anywhere.

To Activate Your Ace Elite Debit Card:

  • Go to
  • Check the box to “Activate Your Card”
  • Enter your ACE card number
  • Enter your 3 digit CVC2 number that is found on the back of your card
  • Select the “Activate Card” button
  • Continue any follow up questions in order to confirm your activatio

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