Credence Resource Management


When checking your credit report, you may find the name Credence Resource Management. The name isn’t very descriptive, and at first glance, you may think it’s an erroneous entry or a scam.

Credence is a legitimate company. They are a debt collection agency that may show up on your report or call you if you have a past due bill with one of their clients.

What Is Credence Resource Management?

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the team at Credence Resource Management has 120+ years of combined experience in the Finance and Accounting industry. They are a debt collection agency that may appear on your credit report if you have unpaid bills.

The company may appear on your report as:

  • Credence Collections
  • Credence RM
  • Credence Resource Mana
  • Credence Resource Management AT&T

Credence offers first and third-party collections in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Utilities
  • Telecom

What’s Their Address?

The collection agency’s address is:

17000 Dallas Parkway #204,

Dallas, TX 75248

Customer Care: 1-855-880-4791

Disputes & Complaints: 1-855-880-4792

The company has three offices in the U.S.:

  • Dallas, TX (Headquarters)
  • San Jose, California
  • Bellevue, Washington

Are They Legit?

Yes. The company was founded in 2013 and they currently have around 50 employees. Credence Resource Management brings in approximately $4.33 million in revenue.

The company provides bill collection services to businesses in healthcare, telecom, utilities and banking.

Credence has a B rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have 418 complaints on the BBB. These complaints revolve around:

  • Being called repeatedly
  • Being told a paid debt would be removed from a credit report when it wasn’t
  • Erroneous debt claims
  • Agents calling and not providing information about who they are

Credence Resource Management does respond to all of the complaints on the BBB. If they call you and refuse to provide you with any information, it is because they are not allowed to divulge any information about the nature of the debt unless they are speaking to the debtor.

This can make it tricky to determine whether you’re getting a scam call. No one wants to divulge personal information without knowing who they are talking to.

With that said, Credence Resource Management is a legit company, and they are calling about a debt that you owe. Whether that debt is erroneous is another matter.

Why Is Credence Resource Management Calling Me?

Credence Resource Management is calling your phone because you have a past due bill with one of their clients usually AT&T. If you don’t know of any past due bills or debts in your name, it’s important to take steps to get the issue cleared up before it hurts your credit.

If the debt is legitimate, Credence will try working with you to get it resolved. Consumers on the BBB state that the agency will offer discounts and payment plans to help debtors pay off their debts. But you will need to speak with one of their agents to discuss these options.

How to Get Credence Resource Management to Stop Calling

No one wants to be bothered by or harassed by a collections agency, especially if you don’t owe any debts to anyone. But even if you do have a past due bill in collections, you still want to live in peace.

There are a few ways to get Credence to stop calling:

  • Answer their call or call their agency and ask a representative to restrict your number. Credence has suggested this option to consumers complaining on the BBB about receiving too many calls.
  • If you owe a debt, work out a payment plan or pay off your balance.
  • Work with a credit repair company to get Credence removed from your report and to stop calling.

If you are receiving calls from Credence Resource Management, these steps can help make the calls stop once and for all.

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