IdentityIQ’s Credit Essentials put you in the driver’s seat against identity theft.

Every day, over 38,000 people in the United States have their identities stolen. You don’t want to be the next victim.

U.S.-based IdentityIQ tackles fraud, protects your identity and offers top-tier security against identity theft. In addition, the company, which maintains 100% customer support and service in the US, has released their best credit monitoring service yet: IdentityIQ Credit Essentials.

World-Class Protection With 3 Credit Bureau Reports

identityiq credit essentials

Instant access to all three credit bureaus is not enough to protect your identity. IdentityIQ combines their expertise and best products in one ultra-protective suite of industry-leading products.

IdentityIQ Credit Essentials protects your identity in numerous ways, including:

Credit Reports and Scores

Your first line of defense is knowing your current credit report and scores. Through monitoring from all three credit bureaus, IdentityIQ can spot changes to your account that are suspicious and may even be fraudulent.

But that’s not enough.

You, as a citizen, should stay on top of your own credit monitoring and changes.

Credit Essentials empowers you to:

  • Monitor your report whenever, wherever you want
  • Verify your information

However, with the advanced IQ credit score system, it’s faster and easier to take control of your identity with a hands-on approach.


Scorecaster IQ offers customized analysis with accurate recommendations to help you save for major life purchases, such as a house or automobile. In addition, as part of Credit Essentials, you benefit from:

  • Report analysis with full customization and the ability to learn which accounts have the most significant impact on your score. The reports highlight elements of each account to review its accuracy.
  • Recommendations are provided in the summary section that can be used to improve your credit score. The suggestions offer short-term and long-term steps you can take to improve your credit scores.
  • Full simulation to uncover the best way to meet your target score. Simulation shows you the best use of your funds so that you can reach your credit objective as quickly as possible.

With ScorecasterIQ, you’ll uncover the key to reach high credit scores and the steps you must take to fix your credit. Even if you have good credit, Scorecaster IQ makes it easier to visualize and take steps to push into the 800+ club.

Enhanced Credit Monitoring

You don’t have time to monitor your credit continually.

Life is busy, and manually monitoring your credit is a full-time job in itself.

Enhanced credit monitoring takes the tedious, hard part out of monitoring by providing you with daily insights into credit profile changes.

If major or unexpected charges or new accounts are added to your report, they’ll be listed on the daily report.

Rapid action is needed to stop identity theft in its tracks. And Enhanced Credit Monitoring puts you in the driver’s seat so that you can detect fraudulent charges in the first 24 hours. When you dispute charges or place a hold on your accounts, it stops the risk of long-term identity damage from occurring.

Enhanced Credit Monitoring empowers you to stop identity theft with a platform and reports that make it easy to see what’s happening to your credit on a day-to-day basis.

Dark web monitoring is also included, so if your identity is for sale, you’ll find out about it quickly.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a hotspot for criminal activity. It’s accessed via a special browser that allows users to anonymously enter a digital black market.

Criminals buy and sell anything you can imagine without regulation or restriction. That includes identities.

IdentityIQ will monitor the dark web and look for your information. They will alert you if your personal information is found anywhere on the dark web, including your:

  • Social Security number
  • Mailing address
  • Name
  • Any other information you designate

IdentityIQ will check for your information in more than 25 languages.

Identity Monitoring

Credit monitoring is important, but if you want to protect your finances, identity monitoring is crucial. If someone steals your identity, they can not only steal your money, but they can also:

  • Max out your credit cards
  • Open or close accounts in your name
  • Commit criminal acts in your name

If someone is using your identity to commit crimes, the impact can follow you for the rest of your life. A record can make it hard to secure employment or rent an apartment. It can also tarnish your reputation.

IdentityIQ actively monitors both national and international most-wanted lists. They also monitor criminal record databases, and alert you if they find your information.

Identity Theft Insurance

The IdentityIQ credit score service provides up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for the primary member. If someone steals your identity, your IdentityIQ coverage will kick in and cover the cost of recovering your identity up to $1 million.

Your identity theft insurance can help cover lost wages and give you access to legal experts as well.

Thousands of people have their identities stolen every day. On average, momentary ID theft costs victims $1,343. But, for some, the costs can be much higher.

IdentityIQ’s service also includes $25,000 in ID theft insurance for kids. Unfortunately, many children’s identities are stolen and used to commit crimes or open accounts. Without a monitoring service, your child won’t even know that their identity was stolen until years – maybe decades – later when they become adults.

Unique Protection for Unique Identities

IdentityIQ takes a three-prong approach to monitor your identity with 24/7 protection. Day and night, IdentityIQ will:

  1. Know what your credit history is as a benchmark, learn from the data and understand how key changes to your report will affect your identity.
  2. Watch your report to pinpoint large purchases and charges and also help you plan for major life purchases.
  3. Plan for your future. IdentityIQ takes protection a step further by allowing you to plan for the unexpected.

If you’re ready to be protected, it’s time to take your identity theft protection into your own hands. Identity theft insurance, routine monitoring and state-of-the-art features from IdentityIQ Credit Essentials can help.

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